Trusted Advisor

Cami is truly a trusted advisor in helping with any real estate needs. She has helped me and my family a number of times and I highly recommend her. She and her team are very professional and makes either the buying or selling process go smoothly.

~Gerald Brown

Simultaneous Close of Escrows

The Cami Team is amazing! They managed to sell my house and get me into another one within 30 days and with the same closing date for both transactions! Cami and her team kept me updated on everything via text message, email and personal phone calls. This was without a doubt the easiest home buying/selling process anyone could ever ask for.

~Michelle Powell

Worked with Cami Over 20 Years

I have know Cami for 20 + years. She is an amazing realtor. Always willing to meet your needs and find the best home for you. I have bought and sold many times with Cami and now she has helped both my daughters and their family find just the right home for them. Cami is a pleasure to work with.

~KIm Lampe

Knows the Market

We've worked with Cami for over 20 years. She is always professional and knows the market thoroughly. She has sold more than 1 house for us with 7 days on the market.

Two Closings in One Day

Cami and her team were great and very professional. She sold our house on a week and helped us find another home immediately. She was able to coordinate both closings on the same day which made moving a breeze. We wouldn't use anyone else, and have recommended her to all our friends and neighbors.

~Don Hodgeman

The Cami Team is amazing!

"The Cami Team is amazing! They managed to sell my house and get me into another one within 30 days and with the same closing date for both transactions! Cami and her team kept me updated on everything via text message, email and personal phone calls. This was without a doubt the easiest home buying/selling process anyone could ever ask for."

~Michelle Powell

Multiple Transactions with Cami

We have done multiple transactions with Cami & her team. They all do a great job. She is the first one to call with any real estate needs!!

~Cynthia Rochwalik

Five Houses with Cami

Cami helped us sell our first house in 1996! Since then she has been by our side as we bought and sold four more. She is the calm and capable professional that makes every transaction a breeze. Her team is on top of all the details and completely organized when you may be feeling frazzled and overwhelmed by the emotions of selling, packing, and moving. She’s the one you want by your side as you navigate the real estate market. As a sounding board and dispenser of advice she is 10/10. I love having the chance to sing her praises - do yourself a favor and hire Cami!

~ Lisa Inglis

Full Price in One Week

Cami and her team are wonderful! She sold our house in under a week for full asking price and hunted tirelessly with us for a new home. She knows her business; she is skillful, encouraging and knowledgeable. She was a real advocate for us, and we were so impressed with her that we recommended her to our daughter, and she helped her buy her first home! Her team is second-to-none, and were always quick, responsive and cheerful. The Cami Team made the whole process smooth and easy!

~Lauri Phillips

Worked With Over 25 Years

The Cami Team has helped me for over 25 years with the purchase and sale of all my homes. They are very knowledgeable and look out for each client's best interest. You cannot go wrong with this choice with choosing a real estate agent / company!

~ Rick Adam


Cami and the team are fantastic! Knowledgable, professional, caring and on-top of everything, taking all the typical stresses out of the equation. Highly recommend as I have with multiple friends, family and co-workers. ~ Joel & Joanne Ducommon

Thorough Professionals

Cami and her team have always been thorough professionals. They helped us when we bought our house and continued years afterwards.
~ Avi Sadhu

What Our Clients Have To Say

"Once in a great while someone causes you to remember what the words extraordinary and consummate professional really mean. Cami not only located and sold us the home of our dreams, she made sure every other detail of our relocation was handled with real caring and expertise. Cami's commitment to excellence is exceptional."

~Terry & Mara

"Thank you for helping us realize the dream of first home. We feel so privileged to have benefited from your honesty, integrity and experience. When we are ready to "trade up", you are the first call we'll make!"

~Dave & Alicia

"I just wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated everything you did for me. From saving my house from foreclosure to helping me find people to move all of my things. I have no idea what I would have done if not for you all. Thank you again."


"When we decided to sell our house, we chose The Team of Cami Elliott to be our realtor because they were familiar with our community. We felt this was important in trying to sell a house in this depressed market. Our experience with the team was very good. They are very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They did a great job of marketing our home and we had our first offer within two weeks. The house sold within a month for which we are very thankful considering the state of the housing market. In these times it was comforting to have a team working for us that we felt we could trust to do their best for us."

~Gary & Debbie

“We contacted Cami to sell our home because we had seen her signs in the neighborhood for the past 30+ years and it always seemed the homes sold quickly. Not to mention, she had sold a home for a friend, before it was even on the market! It was definitely the right choice! Cami & team were great to work with, very pleasant & professional, and had our home sold in 15 days - for full asking price. Could not have asked for better! Thanks Team Cami!!!”

~ Brett & Christina

“We have been buying and selling houses with Cami Elliott Beckley for over 25 years. She has helped us purchase and sell two primary residences and five rental houses. Cami is professional yet maintains that needed personal touch. We recommend Cami for all residential real estate needs.”

~ Blaine & Jodie

“Cami and her team were great, as expected. She is the neighborhood expert, and community advocate. Extremely professional and always catered to our difficult needs, plus she got us top dollar! Her connections in this business also helped us tremendously. Cannot thank the CAMI Team enough.”

~ Brett & Shaylie

“I have worked with Cami on a half dozen property transactions. She is very knowledgeable and has guided me away from many pitfalls. She and her team are very service oriented with prompt response and great attention to the details. The last property I sold with her help had solar electric generation. This added a level of complexity, but with her assistance we were able to effectively convey the pluses of the solar array for the buyer. There are always little bumps along the way when selling a home, but Cami always has options on how to deal with them along with a recommendation. I highly recommend Cami to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.”

~ Jerry & Jane

“Cami is a great agent. She has a lot of experience and helped us through the process every step of the way. Her local knowledge of our area (North Phoenix) was invaluable.”

~ Jeff & Karen

“Cami’s team is extremely responsive and proactive with a system set up to help you sell quickly. Cami showed up to our consultation with a plan of action, well researched market data and comparisons, and had a price in mind that actually exceeded our expectations. On top of that she told usconcrete steps we needed to take to prepare our home for sale at top dollar. The end result? Three scheduled showings, including one with a full price offer - only one day on the market!”

~ Daniel & Dana

“If you're looking for someone who's good at their job, this is your girl. She knows what buyers want, she knows what your home is worth, and believe me when I say you want her in your negotiations. Cami and her entire staff knows their stuff. So happy we hired them.”

~ Chris & Rheanna

“Cami was super helpful and worked really closely with an awesome mortgage company that helped me through the home buying process for the first time. She is knowledgeable on the area, she knows what questions to ask and what to look for, and truly tries to steer the buyer in a direction that is bestfor them.”

~ Chris

“My wife and I listed our north Phoenix home earlier this summer. Cami's team was professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. We engaged a staging consultant, prepped the house which was already close to ready to go to market, and had two offers within 8 days. We reached close of escrow and had money in our account in a total of 30 plus days. Fantastic. We've retained Cami to sell another family house later this year, and close friends of ours have just retained her to sell theirs. She knew our neighborhood intimately, having once lived there, but has had decades of experience Valley wide - if you want to sell in a timely fashion, and get full price, call Cami.”

~ Carl & Jenny

“Cami, understands the market, she is a pleasure to work with, a true professional who is always available when you need her. Her extended team is knowledgeable and friendly. I have worked with Cami for ten years and would highly recommend her for all of my future business.”

~ Bob & Taylor

“Cami was fantastic. She was knowledgeable about our area and setting an asking price that was realistic. Everything was thoroughly explained to us and handled quickly and efficiently. She also helped us buy our new home and that process was just as quick and easy. We were impressed with her staff as well; they were always quick with return calls if they didn't have an immediate answer. We would recommend Cami and her staff to anyone who is looking to buy or sell and would definitely use her services again.”

~ Don & Jan

“As a former Real Estate agent, I am well aware of the professionalism, or lack there of, when dealing with Real Estate Agents. Cami Elliott, by far, was the most professional agent I have ever worked with. I would recommend her and her staff to anyone who is looking for a new home or looking to sell an existing one.”

~ Doug & Gerri

“Cami is a professional that has been helping people find the right homes for years. She is a family friend of ours, and we have purchased two houses through her services, and she had also helped many of my friends and family, and everyone is always satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Cami for great buying experiences and we will be calling you when we look to jump to our next property :) Thanks Cami!”

~ Steve & Yuli

“We were new to the area and didn't know anything about the dynamics of Arizona. Cami was referred to us by a friend whose family has used her real estate services for years. We were so delighted to have her on our team when we began looking for our home. She knows the areas, is extremely responsiveand her knowledge of laws, negotiation, and financial ins-and-outs were a huge benefit. Her fun personality and professional ethics aided us in the entire process and transaction. We recommend her for anyone buying or selling real estate.”

~ Deb

“Cami knew early on what we wanted and did not waste our time looking at properties we would not be interested in. She followed thru on everything and was very thorough.”

~ Dale & Nancy

“Awesome agent, very knowledgeable, Cami and her team always have their clients best interest in mind. I have used her for 8 transactions over the last 15 years and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell, buy, or rent.”

~ Chris & Deborah

“It was a great experience working with Cami and her team!! They were very helpful and informative. They were patient with me and they showed that they love their jobs!! I'd recommend to use Cami and her Team again!!”

~ Billy & Leslie

“Came did an excellent job of representing us in the sale of our Phoenix property. She researched our home/market to establish an initial asking price, advised when the selling price indeed adjustments and detailed the entire process in an understandable manner. All decisions regarding the sale were made by us, with Cami outlining the option and parameters. We sold the property while living in another state. The communications and updates were timely, making what we had thought was going to be a difficult/complex process, easy and simplified.”

~ Gary & Linda

“Cami did a great job selling my house listed above, as well as the house I had to sell for my cousin's estate, a few months earlier. She was very knowledgeable about the market and how to show my house at its best. Her staff was equally responsive and kept me informed of impending meetings or showings and gave me quick feedback from everyone that came through my house. I would highly recommend her services.”

~ Sandy

“Cami and her team work together with you so close its makes the process seamless. There isn't a second of each and every day that you have to worry about in the process of selling your home or purchasing a new home. Have worked both with her team. Not a step is skipped and you know daily where you are. Can't describe in words how easing it is knowing in your mind what professionalism and knowledge that this team possesses to achieve your end results!!! Fantastic!!!”

~ Sandra

“This realtor is excellent, our home sold the first day it was listed, she handled every aspect of the sale with professionalism. There were many questions about the offer we received, but she was on the phone with the other realtor immediately and got every answer we needed to make us comfortablewith the offer. Any questions which came up was answered immediately. This realtor knows the area from top to bottom and will serve you well.”

~ Anonymous

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